Winter Styling Trends 2022

When the weather cools down it is only natural that we gravitate towards decorating our home to suit the seasonal change, making way for darker hues, textures, and layers. Keep reading to discover how you can breathe new life into your home with as little effort and as much impact as possible.


The heart of any home – a go to spot for the whole family, whether it’s dinner prep, entertaining friends & family or just for a late-night chat.

There are 3 major trends our interior design consultants are seeing across kitchen design this winter:

Go Green

Strong jewel-tone greens are becoming more and more prominent in our homes. Go bold with green toned appliances and cookware or scatter hints around the kitchen with green décor and lush indoor plants.

Statement Lighting

No longer just practical, kitchen lighting equally focuses on the wow factor. Think light shades and pendant lighting that can easily be swapped out. Create a statement in your kitchen with shades that glimmer or create a sense of drama.

Marble Magic

The veined natural stone adds a sense of luxury to our kitchen. Create contrast with unique or dramatic styling pieces, such as statement salt and pepper grinders, olive oil serving bottles, a mortar & pestle, or oversized marble themed clocks. Brass golds and white linen accents will help tie in these pieces that you can move around the kitchen, when the flowers are in bloom or simply when you need more bench space for entertaining.


A white-on-white bathroom has been popular for some time now, but it’s time for this look to step aside and allow for pops of colour to take the stage. You can expect to see:

Blue & Green Colour Schemes

Bring the outside in – rainforest to waterfall, bushland to forest, these landscapes will heavily influence our internal bathroom palettes this season. We’re thinking hues of sage green right through to ocean blue. Deck out your whole bathroom or just add hints through bathroom décor like vases, soap dishes & lush greenery.

Coloured Towels

Not ready to embrace colour in more permanent areas of your bathroom? Why not be simple and add in coloured towels, bathmats, and hand towels. This allows you to introduce colour and create a focal point in your bathroom without steering too far away from your personal style.

Curve it up

Curves are no longer just featuring in archways and statement chairs! Make way for the curved bathroom mirror, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom with the illusion your bathroom is bigger than it appears. Why not add strip lighting to the back of your curved mirror to add soft ambient lighting and a 3D effect.

Living Area

The perfect spot for the whole family to come together and just chill out be it a movie marathon or Netflix binge – the living area is all about comfort and practicality.

Full Length Window Coverings

Full length window coverings will become the hero of any room through their simplicity and functionality – allowing the winter sunlight in as little or as much as you desire. Create the illusion of higher ceilings by beginning the railings where the wall meets the ceiling.

Cosy Reading Nook

A snug reading corner is a go-to in our books, plus, it can be used all year round! Add a comfortable chair, elegant side table, and new lamp to any area of your home that you feel most relaxed in. Decorate with different textured cushions and throws to create the intimate nook of your dreams.

Luxe Textures

Create a sensory haven by adding in an assortment of touch-me textures such as boucle, felt, matte velvet and natural linen. Don’t forget under-foot comfort with a woven wool or shag-pile rug. By introducing these materials, you will undoubtedly up the luxe factor of any room in your home.


Just 5 more minutes! It can’t just be us that struggle to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings. Forget those lightweight sheets – in winter we’re all about layering!

Velvet Revival

Velvet is becoming more prominent in our interior designs with the revival of 70’s inspired home styling. Add velvet to the bedroom can bring richness to the space. Gentle hints in your soft furnishings can create an elegant finish to the space or be bold with large pieces of furniture like a statement chair.

Rustic Timbers

The raw beauty of timber with its beautiful varying shades of brown bring us down to earth creating a calm and inviting environment. Timber bedframes with upholstered accents are currently on trend and are the perfect rustic element to complete your bedroom.

Layer Up

Sometimes more is better – especially on these cold winter days and nights. Decorate your bed with luxurious soft furnishings such as chunky knitted throws, statement cushions featuring woven textures, and crumpled linen sheet sets. Want to really emphasise that winter feeling? Make sure to include plenty of flannel prints.

Why not use these interior design trends to inspire your creativity and give your interior a refresh with a fresh colour palette.

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